Flavors of Louisiana, Texas Collide at Race Street’s Newest Brewery

Three words: King. Cake. Beer.

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That’s the signature beverage of Fort Worth’s soon-to-be newest brewery, Neutral Ground Brewing Company, set to open at 2929 Race St. It was supposed to open this year, but due to delays associated with COVID-19 and obtaining equipment, Neutral Ground is now eyeing 2021 to serve up craft beer in a space inspired by both Texas and New Orleans.

The brewery is owned by Stan Hudson and Sean Doublet, who hails from New Orleans. The name “Neutral Ground” is a reference to the once-disputed territory between Texas and Louisiana after the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.

Hudson, who started by brewing beer in his backyard, says the Race Street location will have no less than 10 flavors on tap. Highlights aside from the king cake beer include a Hazy IPA and Oatmeal Stout, and while Neutral Ground will mostly stick to the classics, there may be a bit of experimenting in the kitchen as well.

“[The brewery is] more of a lab for us than a kitchen, metaphorically,” Hudson says. “The fun part about beer for me — beer is absolutely a science, but there’s a lot of artistry that can be brought in from determining how you want those flavors to interact.”

The design of the space will take inspiration from both Louisiana and Texas, with more of a restaurant feel as opposed to the industrial look often seen at most breweries, Doublet says. There will also be indoor and outdoor seating, with patios at both the front and the back; and the interior will be equipped with power strips and USB connections, so “if you want to work while you’re drinking beer, that’s allowed at Neutral Ground,” Doublet says.

Construction is currently underway, but with bars currently closed and the future of the pandemic still uncertain, Doublet says they plan to at least start selling beer to-go in small batches around March or April. The online store is also live on Neutral Ground’s website, for anyone looking to get first dibs on merch.

Despite the delays and stresses brought on by the pandemic, the duo says they’re excited to get their doors open, especially in a neighborhood that continues to grow by the minute.

“We’ve already got a coffee shop in the area, Race Street Coffee, we’ve got restaurants there, we’re bringing a brewery on board — it will be a complete neighborhood,” Doublet says. “We’re definitely excited about that area. We couldn’t be happier with the location.”

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