Artisan business flourished side gig to brick & mortar in River East

Creatively Beaut Goods is a boutique store featuring handmade boho accessories, crystals, macrame, vintage and so much more.

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CBG is a place meant to ignite your creativity and leave you feeling inspired to try something new. CBG came to life when Cecilia Navarro was inspired to create a dream catcher for her newborn daughter. One DIY project led to opening up a whole new world of creativity. Cecilia started to enjoy creative outlets like wire wrapping jewelry, macrame and sourcing vintage to sell at popup events in the DFW area in Texas. After two years living in Texas, a Bronx, NY native was able to pursue her passion full-time and opened up her first brick and mortar March 2020. Unfortunately, COVID hit causing her to close up shop the same month she opened. But thanks to the support of customers near and far CBG was able to then expand to a bigger location in July of 2020!

This bigger location allows CBG to carry goods from many of the vendors Cecilia would set up side by side next to at popup events. At this location you can learn to find your style, try new things at workshops, and meet all the makers and shakers a part of the CBG shop at their monthly popup event. Creatively Beaut Goods is the place that’ll inspire you to choose the less beaten path.